Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Miracles Abound

Not feeling all that creative today so I took a picture of my believe rock that sits outside my door. Interesting how the universe can slap you upside the head with belief.
1. The house I made an offer on and lost, came back on the market so I made an offer again.
2. Steve (I love this man) bought us plane tickets to New Orleans for Jazz Fest (my birthday).
3. I came home to dishes in the dishwasher, clothes in the washer, my daughters super clean room and dinner started. None of those things have ever happened in the history of my 18 year-old daughters existence.


  1. yes, i do BELIEVE you have a blessed life! talented photographer, fun job involving music and animals, man you love, daugher who does dinner and housework, JAZZFEST in new orleans, oh wow, and a creative approach to life. what more is there!?!?! Luuuucky!